Kuebler’s Garden: A Day in the Park

Welcome to our latest exhibit “Kuebler’s Garden: A Day in the Park.” Here you see a family, Geoffrey, Stella and children enjoying a day in the park at Kuebler’s Garden. Kuebler’s Garden owned and operated multiple businesses during the turn of the century era located in the Jefferson Park/Lou Dennis Park area in the town of Newburgh. Mr. Kuebler had 15 acres planted in a variety of grapes and made his own wine which he sold at his restaurant and sold bottles of wine as people came to enjoy his Dance Hall in the south wing of the House where Newburgh bands would play. (See picture below). He built a tower in the garden to guard against theives. Mr. Kuebler owned the second largest tannery in the state employing 40 men who worked on site where hides, bridles, saddle parts and other leather goods were sold. For pleasure he also operated a horse race track and a baseball team. He truly was a great entrepreneurial.

Come in and visit this popular exhibit showcased through June 8th.