Re-Enactor Information and Sign-Up

The Newburgh Museum looks forward to welcoming re-enactors to the 156th Anniversary Newburgh Raid Re-enactment. In addition to our overall excellent history of providing ample amenities such as water, clean toilets, security, medical access, and traffic control, we have been working with commanders in the field to better accommodate requests for good battle scenarios, authenticity standards, and providing an environment which fosters a memorable event for all involved.

Everyone is cordially invited to participate! The event is open to all re-enactors, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Sons of Union Veterans, United Daughters of the Confederacy, and all other organizations wishing to preserve and present our Civil War history. For those re-enacting units, civic organizations, sutlers, vendors and others who plan to participate, please let us know as soon as possible and we will list your organization on the website.

Re-enactment Basics

This event will feature two components: (1) a brief history of the Newburgh Raid, and (2) the full scale skirmish. The event will kick off with a brief history of the Newburgh Raid. As Confederate raiders advanced on Newburgh from the Ohio River, Union soldiers guarding the town were duped into giving up valuable firearms without a single shot being fired. Thereafter the Confederates raided several houses for firearms and valuable goods. Immediately afterward, we will stage a full fledged skirmish by opposing Union and Confederate soldiers. Adam “Stovepipe” Johnson will be on hand as well.

Participation Guidelines

  1. Event organizers have taken every effort to solicit established Civil War re-enactment units or groups. However, independents that do not belong to an affiliated unit are still welcome and, upon acceptance of the registration, will be assigned to each side’s “provisional unit” established and overseen by U.S. and CSA command. We encourage re-enactors to make every effort to affiliate with an organized unit and register as part of that unit, with the unit’s permission.
  2. All re-enactors must participate in the training session which begins promptly at noon on Saturday, July 21. This session will cover the basic logistics of the day’s two components – the Newburgh Raid and Johnson’s capture.
  3. Women portraying soldiers in the ranks should make every reasonable effort to hide their gender. Hundreds, if not thousands, of women passed themselves off as men in order to serve as soldiers during the war on both sides, and we will never know exactly how many did so because their disguises were so good. Honor them.

Impression Guidelines

  1. The event organizers begin with the assumption that the vast majority of re-enactors care deeply about our American heritage and have already spent considerable time, effort, and resources in assembling an accurate portrayal of a Civil War soldier — from their dress and equipment to their understandings of the battlefield actions. If you require dress or equipment to participate, please contact us well in advance of the event.
  2. Modern footwear is permitted in leather boots and in black only. No shoes and no sneakers.
  3. Tobacco use shall be confined to period products—pipes, cigars, snuff, chew or, in rare cases, filter-less cigarettes.

Safety Requirements

  1. Each re-enactor and living historian takes personal responsibility for their own health and safety and the safety of others in camp and on the field.
  2. Never fix bayonets in battle!
  3. There will be no hand-to-hand combat except as provided by the scripted scenario. You will be told in advance if you are a participant. Anyone who touches another participant, their gear or any colors, if not previously arranged, will be ejected and face possible legal repercussions.
  4. No firing of small arms within 40 yards. Never aim directly at anyone at any range.
  5. No projectiles, bullets, musket balls or loading blocks will be carried at any time or anywhere other than for demonstration in a living history camps.
  6. Fire pits shall only be permitted in designated areas. There will be no independent fires.
  7. Hydrate, and limit your consumption of alcoholic beverages. Excessive drinking is a safety issue and can lead to your ejection.
  8. No live ammunition is allowed on the reenactment site. No non-period weapons, and no civil weapons permitted.

Online Registration

Register today and any registration fees will be waived. No walk-ons will be permitted. All participants will need to sign a waiver when arriving to the reenactment. Parents will sign waivers for participants under 18 years of age. Waivers cannot be submitted online; a signature is needed and must be signed in person. The waiver is available online and can be printed out to be submitted in person at the event. Having your waiver already filled out will help streamline the on-site registration process.