All Roads Lead to Newburgh

February 5, 2021 through May 29, 2021

All Roads Lead to Newburgh

Have you ever wondered how roads are named?  The Newburgh Museum will be exploring five roads that have been named for early Warrick County families.  These include Bell, Grimm, Lenn, Libbert and Vanada.  You will learn the history of their arrival in Newburgh and what their daily life was like.   Tales of murder, Indian attacks and capture, floods, Civil War and everyday struggles are related and discussed.  Pictures and items of interest from each family are also displayed ranging from an original immigration card and personal items to tools, china and an early ancestor’s wedding dress.  The facade of a mock “log” cabin has been built to simulate how their homes may have appeared.

We will be exploring in depth the history of five early families residing in Newburgh for which roads are named.  These roads are usually bordering the property of the family. Each of these families are interesting in their own way.  Some have well known relatives like Daniel and Ratliff Boone or Sam Houston or Ralph Waldo Emerson. You’ll learn of their daily lives caring for their land and families through old journals and diaries.  How one family lost their land when Angel Mounds was purchased for a historical site and had to start over.  You’ll be able to see a mock log cabin that may have been similar to what these settlers first built on their Newburgh farm.  A map indicates where each road is located in Newburgh.  Lineage charts and pictures of early family members are included.

IN ADDITION: Black History Month

The museum will feature Madam C.J. Walker, the first woman millionaire in the US.  She founded a hair care company manufacturing products for the black woman.  You’ll learn of her amazing life and legacy.  This display will include early implements for the styling of hair and hair care products.

We’re also including barbering items.  Similar items could have been used by Sam Crump, a black barber who had a shop in Newburgh.

Visit the museum for the opening of their featured exhibit, “All Roads Lead to Newburgh”, on February 5 through May 29.  Hours of operation are Friday and Saturday 11-3:00.  Group tours are available by calling 812-853-5045.

 We look forward to your visit.